Prescription diets

Complete prescription diets for diabetic dogs are available from your veterinary surgeon. Your veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse will advise you on the correct type of diet to meet your dog’s specific needs.

Prescription diets available

For information about complete diets available for dogs with diabetes mellitus, see the following websites:

Things to consider

Some factors that need to be taken into consideration are:

  1. Will your dog eat the food?
    Some dogs can be fussy eaters. You may have difficulty trying to convince your dog to eat a low fat, high fibre diet. Don’t worry – your pet can also be stabilised on its usual food, although it will need the same food every day and the insulin dose may be slightly higher.

  2. Is your dog underweight?
    A diet high in fiber is not suitable, as it may cause further weight loss. Fibre may have to be restricted and additional supplements given until the ideal body weight is reached. If your dog is underweight, your veterinary surgeon will advise you on a diet to help your dog regain its normal weight