Diabetes diets for dogs

Diet is extremely important in the successful management of canine diabetes. Ideally your dog should be fed exactly the same diet every day given at the same time.

Tidbits and snacking between meals should be avoided. This doesn't mean that your dog cannot have any treats. Your veterinarian will be able to suggest snacks suitable for diabetic dogs that can be given occasionally.

The ideal diet for a dog with diabetes

After a meal is digested glucose is released into the bloodstream. The type of food that your diabetic dog eats can have a significant effect on this:

  • A meal full of sugar causes a sudden increase in blood glucose.
  • If a meal is high in complex carbohydrates (starch and fibre) glucose is released over a longer period in a more controlled way.

An ideal diabetes diet is usually:

  • restricted in fat content
  • has a high complex carbohydrate content
  • is high in fibre

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