Managing my diabetic cat

What do I need?

  1. Insulin.
  2. Insulin syringes.
  3. A refrigerator to store the insulin.
  4. A suitable balanced diet for your cat. See Nutrition.
  5. Home monitoring equipment, if advised by your veterinarian. See Monitoring.
  6. A source of glucose. See Emergencies.
  7. Good communication with your veterinarian
  8. Commitment to the long-term treatment of your cat

Living with a diabetic cat

Once diabetic cats have been stabilised on insulin, most are able to lead a happy, healthy life. The life expectancy of a diabetic cat stabilised on insulin is similar to that of other cats. Good communication between you and your veterinarian, and adherence to the treatment regimen, will help keep your pet healthy. Both of you will continue to enjoy life together for many years.

Clinical Remission

Some diabetic cats no longer need insulin after a few weeks or months of treatment. This is known as clinical remission. Read more about remission of diabetes.