Insulin Injection Technique - for owners of diabetic cats

Caninsulin vials

Gently mix the insulin by

inverting the bottle 3-4 times.

draw up insulin

Fill the syringe slightly past the

recommended dose.

remove air bubbles

Remove any small air bubbles by tapping the syringe with your finger.

correct insulin dose

Depress the plunger up to the correct

dose of insulin for your cat.

insulin injection - cat

Draw the loose skin on the cat's side gently upwards.

injecting insulin - cat

Make a small hollow with your index finger.

injecting insulin - cat

Place the needle in the hollow and push it gently through the skin. After inserting the needle, release the skin and depress the plunger slowly.

Your veterinary surgeon may recommend an injection site other than the loose skin on the cat's side. The choice depends on your veterinary surgeon's preference and what suits you and your pet.