Complications of Diabetes mellitus in cats

The long-term complications of diabetes mellitus are a result of prolonged high blood glucose concentrations (hyperglycaemia).

Due to their shorter life span, diabetic cats seem to develop fewer long-term complications than human diabetics. Obtaining optimal control of blood glucose concentration helps to prevent the long-term complications of diabetes mellitus.

Weakness of the hind legs

Hind leg weakness may be seen in diabetic cats.

What causes hind limb weakness in diabetic cats?

Persistently high concentrations of glucose in the blood may cause damage to nerves resulting in weakness and muscle wasting, usually of the hind legs.


  • There is no specific treatment.

  • Prevented or reduced in severity by controlling high blood glucose concentrations.

Diabetic cataracts

Cataracts are seen far more commonly in diabetic dogs than in diabetic cats. For more information about cataracts see Complications of diabetes melllitus in dogs.